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We are pleased to invite professional evaluators living and practicing in developing or transitional countries to submit applications for travel
subsidies to attend and present at the 2007 AEA Annual Conference, to be held November 7-10 in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. Funds are raised through generous donations to a silent auction held annually. This year up to six travel subsidies of approximately $1,300 each will be awarded. The subsidies may be used to cover the costs of travel, food, shared accommodations, and conference registration. All awards are paid out at the conference as reimbursement of expenses. Winners will be announced by July 3, 2007.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to qualify for the AEA International Travel Award, applicants need to fulfill all criteria below:
• No previous participation in AEA conferences;
• Good fluency in English—able to make a professional presentation and sustain a discussion in English (potential award winners could be interviewed by one of the International and Cross-Cultural TIG Co-Chairs as part of the selection process);
• Submission of complete INDIVIDUAL application (no group applications will be accepted!) including cover letter, budget, and letters of reference;
• Residing and practicing evaluation in a developing or transitional country for at least five years; and
• Propose to present at the Evaluation 2007 conference and have at least one proposal accepted.

The Submission Process

Begin by reviewing the proposal submission guidelines online by clicking here . You may submit a proposal to make any type of presentation focusing on any evaluation topic.

To apply for the travel award, (1) submit the proposal to present, using the regular conference proposal submission guidelines, by the March 16, 2007, deadline, and (2) send an email to Gwen Willems at wille002@umn.edu with the following documents:
• A cover letter, of no more than two pages, indicating your unique evaluation experience that could be shared with evaluators in similar/different settings and how you expect this opportunity to enhance your work in evaluation in your home country,
• A budget indicating your expected travel expenses,
• Two letters of support, one of which must come from, and document your membership in, your local evaluation association (if one exists), and
• Your full contact information: email, telephone, postal address, and work affiliation.

Proposals should be in English, while letters of support may be in a different language (English, Spanish, or French are preferred). Reviewers will rank the candidates based on the quality and relevance of the proposal(s) submitted by the applicant for presentation at the conference and the quality of the supporting documentation (cover letter and letters of support).

Application Deadline: Submit both your online proposal and emailed supporting material by March 16, 2007.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Gwen Willems at wille002@umn.edu