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EASY-ECO Budapest Conference 2009: Stakeholder Perspectives in Evaluating Sustainable Development (16-18 October 2009)

We are pleased to announce the next conference in the EASY-ECO series of trainings and conferences, the EASY-ECO Budapest Conference 2009 "Stakeholder Perspectives in Evaluating Sustainable Development", which will be held from 16-18 October 2009 in Budapest, Hungary. While the previous EASY-ECO conferences have dealt with the strategic and project level of SD evaluation and policy learning processes, the EASY-ECO Budapest Conference 2009 focuses on key developments in linking Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and stakeholder management to sustainability evaluation in the corporate domain in Europe. With the current Call for Papers, we encourage researchers from all disciplines (including young researchers), professionals from related fields of work, commissioning agents, and evaluation users and other stakeholders to submit abstracts for presentations at the EASY-ECO Budapest Conference 2009 until 15 May 2009.

Submissions can address one or more of the following key topics in general terms or in the context of a case study (for a detailed outline of the key topics see the current Call for Papers):

  • Stakeholder theories: How the latest developments influence evaluation practice?
  • Multi-stakeholder strategies and competitiveness: Challenges for evaluation
  • Corporate stakeholders: CSR and accountability of corporate boards and managements - evaluating changes in corporate governance
  • Labour stakeholders: Assessing employee satisfaction, the impact of legislative changes, international agreements and voluntary codes of conducts (such as the Global Compact)
  • Consumer stakeholders: Evaluating the impact of consumer satisfaction, and changes in consumer preferences: Responsible and ethical companies, green products and fair trade
  • Community and NGO stakeholders: Assessing their impact on corporate practices
  • Researchers as stakeholders: Developments in evaluation methodologies

For an exhaustive list of topics of interest and the types of contribution (papers, posters, case studies) we are looking for please see the current Call for Papers.

EU-Grants are available for young researchers (with less than ten years research experience) to cover all costs (travel expenses, participation fees, accommodation and living allowance). The presentation of a paper increases the chance of getting a grant, however, it is not mandatory.

The current Call for Papers, together with the application for EU-Grants, will be open until 15 May 2009. Details on the application process can be found at http://www.sustainability.eu/easy/?k=apply.